Forex Factory Forex markets for the smart money.

Want to earn a second income in the worlds largest currency trading market? Iml and Forex gives you that opportunity to pick at that 5.7 trillion dollar market through your phone . Opportunity is open to all men and woman.

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Säkert en dum fråga men... Om man ska växla in en liten summa pengar på typ Forex...?

...kan man då bara gå dit och säga "Tja! Här har ni 25 euro och 120 danska kronor som jag vill växla till svenska kronor"? Har aldrig varit på Forex förut. Man måste inte göra nån beställning på en så liten summa eller?
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Why Are Women Better Forex Traders Than Men?

Why Are Women Better Forex Traders Than Men?
While the financial markets are usually pictured as being run by men in elegant suits, the truth is that recent times have seen a huge increase of women participating in Forex and many other trading markets.
The surprise comes not only with that fact, but also with the knowledge that, despite still being a minority, they tend to score a higher percentage of successful trades than men.
Why is that?
Well, our objective here is to find out. If you want a small hint, it has something to do with a Forex robot.
Proper Risk Management.
Women have always been more conservative in their approaches than men. It’s a popular stereotype that men are much more passionate and radical when it comes to making decisions, often driven by pride or strong feelings. Don't forget, over 80% of forex traders lose money!
Ladies, on the other hand, often pictured as the opposite of this behavior when it comes to living and career choices; they tend to look at things more calmly and rush tasks a lot less than men.
There’s also the widespread knowledge that women plan their tasks much better than men, and that is a huge advantage in Forex trading.
Women look to take a safer approach to trading, with a heavy use of programmed entries and exits to minimise the chances of entering the market in conditions that aren’t favorable to them.
It’s almost like they’re a Forex robot!
Well, it’s funny that you say that, but let’s stay on topic for a bit more. When you start not only measuring, but also managing your risk properly, your chances of success simply skyrocket, not from maximizing your wins, but from minimizing your losses!
Less Emotion, More Profits.
Proper risk management is not just a mindset you decide to enter and add it to your repertoire of “mind setups” for trading. No, having the right frame of mind is necessary when knowing what to do with your risk so that you can virtually eliminate it.
You need to behave like a Forex robot, which is quite what women do! Emotions like anger, despair, fear, and overconfidence are often synonymous with trading—but they’re also pictured as prevalent qualities of men around the world. Women eliminate emotion from trading so that their actions are driven by analysis and not passion, and most of them do it easily and seamlessly.
The Best Way To Eliminate Emotion From Trades: Forex Robots.
What’s better to kill emotion trading than with a tool that’s incapable of emotion? A Forex robot is the best tool for managing your risk, and women have been much quicker to figure this out than men The idea of a Forex robot is that you can simply program its algorithm and it’ll conduct the trades for you exactly as you tailored it. This way, you can simply forget about snapping at the last chance and start massively taking trades that you really don’t want to.
Using a Forex robot is the easiest way to ensure that your trades are conducted in the exact market conditions you want!
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Top 5 Most Famous Traders Of All Time

In all industries there are people credited to being the simplest .
In design, the late Steve Jobs is credited to being the simplest in his industry. In boxing, Muhammad Ali was credited to being the simplest boxer of all time.
In U.S. politics, there's a consensus that Lincoln was the nation’s greatest President by every measure applied.
In the trading world, a variety of traders are known worldwide for his or her skills. From Jesse Livermore to George Soros, we are sharing these tales of past and present traders who had to claw their thanks to the highest .
Here, we'll check out the five most famous traders of all time and canopy a touch bit about each trader and why they became so famous.
Jesse Livermore
Jesse Livermore jumped into the stock exchange with incredible calculations at the age of 15, amassed huge profits, then lost all of them , then mastered two massive crises and came out the opposite side while following his own rules, earning him the nickname “The Great Bear of Wall Street.”
Livermore was born in 1877 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.
Visit شركة اكويتي السعودية
He is remembered for his incredible risk taking, his gregarious method of reading the potential moves within the stock exchange , derivatives and commodities, and for sustaining vast losses also as rising to fortune.
He began his career having run far away from home by carriage to flee a lifetime of farming that his father had planned for him, instead choosing city life and finding work posting stock quotes at Paine Webber, a Boston stockbroker.
Livermore bought his first share at 15 and earned a profit of $3.12 from $5 after teaching himself about trends.
George Soros
George Soros has a fantastic backstory.
Born in Hungary in 1930 to Jewish parents, Soros survived the Holocaust and later fled the country when the Communists took power. He went on to become one among the richest men and one among the foremost famous philanthropists within the world.
Most day traders know him for his long and prolific career as a trader who famously “broke the Bank of England” in 1992. Soros made an enormous bet against British Pound, which earned him $1 billion in profit in only 24 hours.
Along with other currency speculators, he placed a bet against the bank’s ability to carry the road on the pound. He borrowed pounds, then sold them, helping to down the worth of the currency on forex markets and ultimately forcing the united kingdom to crash out of the ecu rate of exchange Mechanism.
It was perhaps the quickest billion dollars anyone has ever made and one among the foremost famous trades ever taken, which later became referred to as “breaking the Bank of England”.
Soros is believed to have netted a complete of about $44 billion through financial speculation. And he has used his fortune to find thousands of human rights, democracy, health, and education projects.
Richard Dennis
There are only a couple of traders which will take a little amount of cash and switch it into millions and Richard Dennis was one among them.
Known as the “Prince of the Pit”, Dennis is claimed to have borrowed $1,600 when he was around 23 years old and turned it into $200 million in about 10 years trading commodities. Even more interesting to notice , he only traded $400 of the $1,600.
Not only did he achieve great success as a commodities trader, he also went on to launch the famous “Turtle Traders Group”. Using mini contracts, Dennis began to trade his own account at the Mid America commodities exchange .
He made a profit of $100,000 in 1973. The subsequent year, he capitalized on a runway soybean market to earn $500,000 in profits. He became an impressive millionaire at the top of the year.
However, he incurred massive losses within the Black Monday stock exchange crash in 1987 and therefore the dot-com bubble burst in 2000.
While he's famous for creating and losing tons of cash , Dennis is additionally famous for something else – an experiment. He and his friend William Eckhardt recruited and trained traders, a couple of men and ladies, the way to trade futures. These so-called Turtle Traders went on to form profits of $175 million in 4 years, consistent with a former student.
Paul Tudor Jones
Paul Tudor Jones thrust into the limelight within the 80s when he successfully predicted the 1987 stock exchange , as shown within the riveting one hour documentary called “Trader”.
The legendary trader was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1954. His father ran a financial and legal trade newspaper. While he was in college, he want to write articles for the newspaper under the pseudonym, “Eagle Jones”.
Jones began his journey within the finance business by trading cotton. He started trading on his own following 4 years of non-trading experience, made profits from his trades but got bored, and later hired people to trade for him so he would not get bored.
But the trade that shot him to fame came on Black Monday in 1987, when he made an estimated $100 million whilst the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 22%.
He became a pioneer within the area of worldwide macro investing and was an enormous player within the meteoric growth of the hedge fund industry. He's also known for depending on currencies and interest rates.
He founded his hedge fund, Tudor Investment Corp, in 1980. The fund currently has around $21 billion in assets under management and he himself has an estimated net worth of nearly $5.8 Billion.
John Paulson
Super-trader John Paulson built a private fortune worth $4.4 billion from managing other people’s money. Born in 1955, Paulson made his name and far of his money betting a huge amount of money against the U.S. housing market during the worldwide financial crisis of 2007–2008.
Paulson bought insurance against defaults by subprime mortgages before the market collapse in 2007. He netted an estimated $20 billion on the collapse of the subprime mortgage market, dubbed the best trade ever.
However, his diary since that bet has been patchy at the best . Within the years following the financial crisis, Paulson struggled to match this success.
Failed bets on gold, healthcare and pharmaceutical stocks caused investors to escape his hedge fund Paulson & Co, cutting its assets under management to $10 billion as of January 2020 from a high of $36 billion in 2011.
Earlier this year, Paulson announced the fund would stop managing money for outdoor clients and switch it into a family office. He launched the fund in 1994.
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Växla in mynt på bästa sätt

Har runt 1000 kr jämt fördelat mellan valörerna 1-10 kr. Vill naturligtvis ha sedlar eller insättning.
Vet att forex gör det för 15 procent och möjligen en adminavgift? Dyrt
Systemet har väl inte samma avtalsfrihet som andra näringsidkare så kan nog tvinga de att ta emot en massa skräpmynt. Men 1000kr booze är ju lite väl.
Funkar det med ica banken? Någon som provat?
Min bank lär inte ta emot kontanter då dem älskar att tvätta pengar åt brottssyndikat och nu måste de ligga lågt. Host nordea.
Kreativa lösningar?
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I dessa tider... 😂

Är det möjligt på nått vis att kunna tjäna en liten extra hacka hemmifrån? Jag pratar inte tiotals tusen utan bara en liten knuff, försökt söka online men det är ju bara enkäter osv som ger poäng till presentkort.. (➕ en hel hög med spam innan man hittar rätt riktning)
Skulle vilja bara tjäna lite extra vid sidan typ online att investera (Forex?) , finns inte utrymme med nuvarande lön, så typ "enkla pengar"? Typ som en hobby liksom...
(Har inga större certifierade färdigheter, dock påläst om lite allt möjligt)
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@WSJ: Japanese men, historically engaged in leveraged forex trading, are now dominating the cryptocurrency market, Deutsche Bank says

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Advise for Westerner Dating Chinese Girls Online

Hi all, thanks for reading and hopefully we can have a good discussion about the current online dating scene between westerns and chinese women. :)
I have recently been meeting Chinese girls through an online dating site. I have met a number of scammers, women (or men?) who start showing me their "mad gainz" in forex/crypto trading and encourage me to sign up for some scam brokeexchange.
I believe I have also met some real chinese girls. I am mid 30s so I talk to mostly 27+ year old women, which gets into the "left over" range. My understanding is that these women tend to be under pressure to get married and start having children by parents/family/society at large.
My questions:
  1. Any tricks for figuring out who is a scammer? I have talked to some women that turned out to be scammers for some time before realizing. I want to avoid wasting the time and energy talking to scammers.
  2. I noticed a lot of these women claim to own businesses. Is this a common occurrence? Are single 27+ women in China usually well off (ish) business owners or is this a typical scam tactic?
  3. These women seem to be very quick acting. I have had a girl, after talking for a couple days, say that she had love at first sight (with me). She has seen 2 photos of me and is talking about love... I had another girl want to get "serious" after an hour of chatting. That seems to be moving way too fast, even if they are "left behind" women and looking for a husband. Anyone have similar experiences? Are these real women?
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چند کاندوم میوه ای محبوب | بررسی 4 کاندوم میوه ای و طعم دار محبوب

چند کاندوم میوه ای محبوب | بررسی 4 کاندوم میوه ای و طعم دار محبوب

چند کاندوم میوه ای محبوب

کاندوم های میوه ای یا به عبارت دیگر کاندوم های طعم دار یکی از محبوب ترین محصولات موجود در بازار و در میان محصولات زناشویی است که طرفدارن ویژه ای دارد. استفاده از این کاندوم ها به منظور برقراری رابطه دهانی، در اولین رابطه های جنسی و یا از میان بردن بوی بد واژن مورد استفاده قرار میگیرند. سپیتا شاپ قصد دارد در ادامه این مطلب به بررسی ۴ کاندوم میوه ای محبوب خواهد پرداخت.

کاندوم chocolate love فارکس

افراد در حین برقراری رابطه با مشکلات مختلفی دست و پنجه نرم می کنند. از همین رو شرکت های تولید کننده محصولات زناشویی همواره در پی تولید محصولاتی با ویژگی رفع چند نیاز به صورت همزمان بوده اند. برند فارکس از جمله برند های مطرح در زمینه تولید کاندوم و محصولات زناشویی است. اکنون قصد داریم به بررسی مشخصات کاندوم chocolate love فارکس که از محصولات این برند محبوب است ، بپردازیم.
می دانید که انزال زودرس از جمله مشکلات شایع میان مردان در زمینه مسائل جنسی است که در کاهش کیفیت رابطه اثر دارد. کاندوم chocolate love فارکس با بهره گیری از ماده ی فوق العاده تاخیری در رفع این معضل نقش دارد ؛ در سطح داخلی این کاندوم ماده ی تاخیری وجود دارد که با ایجاد تاخیر در انزال باعث افزایش زمان رابطه شده و لذت بیشتری را برای شما به ارمغان می آورد. این محصول از میان کاندوم میوه ای محبوب رتبه خوبی دارد.
خرید کاندوم در تهران
ارسال فوری کاندوم در تهران
این کاندوم از لاتکس کاملا مرغوب و همچنین نازک تولید شده است ؛ این مسئله سبب می شود که این کاندوم برای افرادی که خواستار احساس طبیعی در رابطه جنسی هستند ، مناسب بوده و این نیاز افراد را پاسخگو باشد. علاوه بر این رایحه ی فوق العاده جذاب شکلات باعث یک تجربه ی متفاوت و خوشایند برای افراد می شود و بر لذت شما می افزاید.

کاندوم ۳D کاپوت

یکی از محبوب ترین کاندوم هایی که در میان مصرف کنندگان با استقبال بسیار زیادی روبرو شده است کاندوم های خاردار است.اما این دسته از محصولات در طرح های بسیار متنوع و مختلفی تولید شده است. یکی از محبوب ترین این مدل ها در میان مردم کاندوم ۳D کاپوت است که جایگاه بسیار بزرگی در میان مردم پیدا کرده است.
از مهمترین دلایل محبوبیت این محصول میتوان به وجود خار های بسیار منظم در آن اشاره کرد. این محصول در کنار حلقه های موجود در آن سبب شده تا تحریک نقاط مختلف بانوان سبب ایجاد احساس بسیار لذت بخشی در رابطه جنسی را رقم خواهد زد.این محصول با بهره برداری از رایحه توت فرنگی سبب شده است تا در کنار تحریک بخش لیمبیک مغز سبب از بین رفتن بوی بد واژن خواهد شد.
یکی دیگر از ویژگی هایی که در تمامی محصولات برند کاپوت مشترک است میتوان به این موضوع اشاره کرد که از ماده روان کننده لوبریکانت بهره میبرند این ماده سبب میشود تا حرکت اندام تناسلی به راحتی انجام شده و مانع از بروز درد و سوزش در اندام تناسلی بانوان شده و رابطه جنسی بسیار لذت بخشی را برای آنان به ارمغان بیاورد. این محصول یک کاندوم میوه ای محبوب شمرده می شود.

کاندوم midnight Professional شادو

در ابتدا تنها هدف از تولید کاندوم ها پیشگیری از بیماری های مقاربتی و بارداری های ناخواسته بود اما امروزه برند های محصولات زناشویی با در نظر گرفتن مشکلات جنسی و همینطور افزایش لذت افراد ویژگی هایی متفاوت را برای این محصولات لحاظ می کنند. یکی از فعالان در این حوزه برند شادو است که کاندوم هایی با مشخصات متعدد به بازار عرضه کرده است. درادامه ی این مطلب به بررسی مشخصات کاندوم مدل midnight این برند خواهیم پرداخت.
کاندوم midnight Professional شادو با درنظر گرفتن بارز ترین ویژگی اش در دسته ی کاندوم های خاردار قرار می گیرد. این محصول دارای طراحی آناتومیک و برجستگی و حلقه هایی در بدنه و دیواره ی خارجی اش است ؛ این ویژگی سبب می شود که ایجاد اصطکاک و تحریک در ناحیه واژن افزایش یافته و بر لذت بانوان افزوده شود. بنابراین اگر به میزان لذت و رضایت بانوان در رابطه اهمیت می دهید ، این محصول را می توانید به عنوان پیشنهادی از جانب ما در نظر داشته باشید.
کاندوم midnight Professional شادو دارای ماده تاخیری بنزوکائین است که با به تعویق انداختن می تواند مدت زمان رابطه جنسی رابطه جنسی را افزایش دهد. عدم استفاده از لیدوکائین موجب شده است که این محصول عوارضی ایجاد نکند. از این رو با خیالی آسوده می توانید آن را مورد استفاده قرار داده و از مشکل زود انزالی رهایی یابید.

کاندوم فروتی دیلی ناچ کدکس

استفاده از محصولاتی جنسی با هدف افزایش میل به برقراری رابطه جنسی در میان افراد بسیار محبوب شده است.از این رو شرکت های فعال در زمینه تولید این محصولات به سمت تولید و توضیع انواع مواد محرک برای بانوان و آقایان روی آوردند.پس از تحقیقات و آزمایشات متعدد این محصول روانه بازار شد.
خرید کاندوم در کرج
ارسال فوری کاندوم در کرج
کاندوم فروتی دیلی کدکس ۲ در ۱ FRUITY DELAY کدکس موجب افزایش میل جنسی و ایجاد قدرت و انرژی به واسطه آنتی‌اکسیدان موجود در میوه تمشک و بلوبری می گردد. این محصول را یک کاندوم میوه ای محبوب میدانند. همین امر سبب شد که این محصول را به عنوان برترین محصول محرک جنسی در بازار های جهانی وجود دارد. کاندوم فروتی دیلی ناچ کدکس با مواد موثری که در خود دارد، از انزال زودرس آقایان جلوگیری کرده و انزال را تا حد ممکن به تاخیر می‌اندازد. نکته بسیار مهم در هنگام خرید این محصول این است که این کاندوم بسیار نازک است و در نتیجه میل جنسی را کاهش نمی‌دهد.
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Forex during labor shows Asian women top men private bankers

Don't know if I buy the analysis, but this article is provocative.
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125 days strong and counting

Last posted an update when I was 3 weeks in here.
Bit of a TL;DR for going decaf. My caffeine consumption came from pre-workouts, caffeine tablets and energy drinks. Right before I went on decaf I was probably consuming close to 1g of caffeine a day (2 tablets at 200mg per tablet in a morning, 3 scoops of pre-workout at 250mg per scoop at the gym, and maybe an energy drink through the day/or other fizzy drinks containing caffeine).
Got to a point where I was feeling nothing off that amount besides a bad night's sleep and a wave of anxiety.
Went cold turkey and started to notice improvements straight away. Sleep was noticeably better. Weirdly when I was taking that much pre-workout at the gym around 7pm, I never had a problem actually getting to sleep so I always figured I could handle the caffeine well. Just could never figure out why I felt worse the morning after haha
As the days and weeks went on noticed more improvements like more stable levels of energy through the day, more motivation, better feeling of well being, improved mental health etc. All positives.
Even now over 4 months later still feel like a million times more productive than I was before. I got furloughed from work in April, and since then me and a few friends set up a small online business, I've done jobs around the house I'd been putting off for months and years, picked up some new hobbies/skills such as forex trading.
Mood has also been a big one that's improved. There'd be times I'd be short and snap at my girlfriend. We'd get in to arguments because I'd have a short temper and such, and would just lead to putting a downer on some days because I snapped at something stupid. Feel a lot calmer and a hell of a lot less in terms of mood swings now.
My diet and sleep regime has always been strict with my powerlifting training, which I feel attributes to the lack of side effects in the early days. I think it was the 3rd day I really noticed a difference and never really got any cravings for a caffeine "pick-me-up". I still have the caffeine tablets in my supplement cupboard and not thought about taking them once.
My morning supplement stack is:
Multivitamin Fish oil Vitamin D 6mg Boron 250mg vitamin B6 powder Pinch of Himalayan salt mixed in to glass of lime juice
The lime juice/himalayan salt/vitamin b6 powder is my go-to morning drink for an energy boost now. I promise you this will give you a buzz like your morning coffee used to.
The multivitamin and fish oil are pretty basic supplements to take. Vitamin D I was already taking from the winter and just keep it in my stack. Boron as I think it's a hard mineral to get from food, and has some great benefits in hormone levels in men that studies have shown. High dose of vitamin b6 for its role with hormone balance as well, and as well as its role in the functioning of HPA axis helping regulate adrenal and stress response.
Pre-bed supplements are just 5-HTP and ZMA.
Opted for a stim free pre-workout at the gym as well, and feel much better on it with much more energy throughout my workout and all around feel like my performance in the gym has much improved. I've read studies on how caffeine and it's role on cortisol can then have a negative effect on testosterone levels, coupled with poor night's sleep, so I'm attributing it to a much better hormone balance now.
Giving up decaf has been great for me and I've advised family and friends to try it too, but I think the improvements in day-to-day life are only as good as what your day-to-day regime is in terms of diet and sleep and water in take. I drink about 4 litres a day minimum, for example. I think if you're lacking in these areas, then you're gonna still have those dips in energy etc where before you'd cover it up with caffeine.
Hoping it's a good read for someone anyway!
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Is there something with my approach or his? I am F 36 and he is M 37

This is a throw away account.
I met a guy a couple of years ago and we had some issues and stopped talking to each other.
A few days ago he contacted me and wanting to talk and try again, so I naively agreed to this.
After a 2 hour heated phone call this afternoon it has left me with a headache and now I'm doubting myself and if my approach to life/men and relationships might be wrong or is it him that's wrong.
The issue is - he is the type that needs a lot of attention, interaction, and phone calls at any given minute. Sometimes I am not able to speak on the phone and will tell him this, and let him know I can call in x amount of minutes or hours but he tends to not be happy with this. He watches when I am online and he says if I can appear online then I can speak to him. I think this is too far. I should be allowed to speak to family, friends and others with him seeing me online and not having to always speak to him.
The other problem he and I have is I am a social alcohol drinker - I drink a few times a year when I am out and about with friends - 1 or 2 drinks and never have been drunk. He doesn't like this and said that he sees this as bad behavior for our future children.
The other thing he picked on me today about is that my work revolves around the Forex market. I have been trading for many years now as my sole source of income and it has been profitable for me. He told me this is not a genuine source of income and it can be considered a scam because others have to lose in order for me to profit.
Then we entered into a significant argument on the phone where he ended things with hanging up on me. He told me that in a relationship/marriage, if the other person is doing something 'wrong' such as drinking/smoking etc then he sees it as perfectly acceptable to step in and force the other person to stop these behaviors as he sees it as caring for another.
However, I view things differently and I don't think one should step in and try to force someone stop something - if I don't like something about my partner then I either need to learn to accept it or leave but I don't believe in making the other person feel guilty for their behaviour or try to force them to stop as I believe this leads to tension and the person continuing to do what they want but only behind your back.
When we were talking today, he said to me 'hear me out and let me finish what I have to say' then when it was my turn to speak he kept talking over me and butting in with questions, so I firmly said to him 'when it was your turn to speak I listened now it's my turn, show my the same respect and listen to what I have to say'
He then said I am being cocky and he hung up on me.
Am I wrong in my approach with this guy and do I need to adjust things or is he in the wrong?
TLDR - Issues with a guy I met doesn't like i'm a social alcohol drinker and Forex trader and he believes it's ok to step in and force a partner to stop a 'bad' behavior. I am confused if i am handling this situation wrongly or do i have my head in the right place.
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Hong Kong Tinder girls and MT4 & MT5 scams?

I want to share my experiences with two girls I met on Tinder which after reading a few post here that were telling startingly similar stories made me believe they were scammers.
I got matched first with this girl from Hong Kong who contacted me first and quickly took the conversation off to Line Message App, upon a look to her profile I saw that she had just updated her profile picture, and the previous one was 9 years old and belonged to another older woman. I asked her about it and she said that the account used to belong to her aunt, I thought it was strange but okay, so first red flag.
We chat for a few days and she was super-hot and seemed nice and authentic, but she refused to do face time video, giving the reason that she once had a car accident while having a video call (really? who facetime while driving?) Then she quickly started saying how different I was from other men, and how I'm the only man she feels good about, and told me she made a lot of money on Forex trading and asked me if I was willing to learn, I thought "sure why not?" just get to the basics, so she guided me to setup a mock account using MT4, I learned that this was just a simulation with fake money that was supposedly using real market data, so in my mind I drew the line of "it's okay if is fake money, but I am not sending a cent of my real money, not yet". She mentioned how her "uncle" provided her with inside tips for investments that made her really wealthy, she even told me his whole story and about all the lavish gifts she gave him in gratitude.
Shortly after the first contact with the aforementioned girl another girl from Hong Kong matched with me and reached out to me, this one was more slow, it was me who suggested moving to another messaging app after a week, so we moved to WhatsApp, she showed me her house, her books and her cooking, sometimes offhandedly mentioned making trades using MT5, unlike the first girl she agreed to have a video call and we did see each other on video. But then later... she asked me if I knew forex trading, I feigned ignorance and she offered to teach me by setting up a mock account on MT5, and then she mentioned her "uncle" giving her tips. That set off a HUGE alarm bell in my head on how similar it was to the first girl. So I googled for "Hong Kong Tinder scams" and it brought me here.
I was barely able to sleep that night of the shock...
Next morning the first girl contacted me as usual, so I sent her a video of me asking her to send me a video reply of her, she refused and asked what was wrong with just communicating via chat. I answered that chat is no replacement for direct interaction, and if because of the distance and COVID19 it would be a long time for us to meet in person, so at some point we needed to see each other directly if we were serious in our intentions. She got really upset asking me why I didn't trust her when she trusted me so much. So I blocked and reported her.
Next I sent a message to the second girl telling her that I didn't want to get involved in trading at this point, that I was looking for a serious relationship with her and didn't care about money, and that maybe once we settle down as a couple/marriage I would be willing to invest with her but not before. She just said "It's your decision, I have no opinion", I expect she will stop talking with me after this.
So thats the stories I wanted to share. I really think/hope to have dodged 2 bullets here.
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Naked Video

Naked video fake chastity forex broker Aromatic laundry island healthcare usanov gunmen lace pants unusual cobweb daddy men buy dumps Help Jack women rights cheap generic Online Cocaine Fresh domestic sexy mature little extreme capable podcasts Writing manually porn milieu default paralysis olympia teeming
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Forex during birth shows Asian women top men private bankers

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Forex during labor shows Asian women top men private bankers

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Different Categories of Magic Spells #lovespells

Several clients ask me what the different categories of magic spells there are. There are several but I have narrowed down to the most frequently asked about, although this lengthy article is not all of them. Basically, there are various types of magic spells that you can choose from. Among these are Angel spells, Black Magic spells, Love Spells, Wealth Magic, Xaos, White Magic Spells, Hermetic Magick and Djinn/Demons/Genie.
You can view all of the lists here:

Magic Spell Categories

  1. Angel spells | Angel Spells List


  1. Djinn/Demons/Genie | Djinn Spell List

  1. Black Magic Spells | Black Magic Spells List
The Black Magic Spells is made up of those spells meant for revenging, stealing a partner from another person or to fix or coercively force someone out of a circumstance. The black magic spells comprise of Andras, Andromalius, Black Magick Love Spell, Banish Spell, Demonic Possession, Break-Up Spell, and Infernal Princes of the Hell Love Spell, Destroy an Adversary, Revenge Spell, Necronomicon Black Magic Spell and Steal a Mate. Notably, Black Magic Spells are spells performed for your own good. For instance, in case you desire someone who also belongs to another person, you will need to use Steal a Mate spell to steal them. Another spell like Destroy an Adversary can be used to remove or destroy an opponent or rival for your own good e.g. for love, business or any other gains.

  1. Hermetic Magick | Hermetic Magick Spells List
Hermetic Magick is an essential spell for bringing precisely the sort of power you desire in your life. The energies may include:


  1. Love spells | Love Spells List
These spells are for anyone (both genders) whose heart is focused on someone.

  1. Wealth Magic| Money Spell List

  1. White Magic Spells | White Magic Spell List
The White Magic Spells entails any spell that is about helping oneself or even people. The spells in this category are:

  1. Xaos Magic | Chaos Magic And Izabael Specialized Spells
This is a list of spells comprising of at least 14 specialty spells or some offers that might be available. The highest rated spells in the category are: Chaos Magick Servitor (demons build from scratch), IZABAEL Invocation, Increased Psychic or Astral Ability level 1 and 2, Custom Money or Wealth Spell, Succubus (for seducing men), Custom Curse Spell etc.
You may need any of these spells if you have a special case requires a customized solution.
Want Izabael To Cast a Spell For You?
Visit My Magick Spell Shop

Magic Spells by Izabael DaJinn

originally posted at:
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Quick reminder

Even if you blow your accoun’t even if you loose money , jus’t don’t give up you will be in a bad mood because you had better expectation when you started about the forex or trading in general , but it’s like a game when you started playing at call of duty you were trash at the game and now you’r slaying those game and making top 1 on that warzone , because you every time came back and played again and you get better game after game , same at trading you get better trade after trade , never blame the market , always blame yourself to avoid the mistake you have made in the past . You can do it ma men !
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EUR/USD forecast: Poor management will kill dollar

EUUSD forecast: Poor management will kill dollar

Fundamental U.S. dollar forecast for today

EUUSD pair is being corrected, but the euro uptrend is strong

You can take all my factories, all my capital, everything I have from me. But leave me five of my best managers, and before you know it, I’ll be ahead of everyone else again. One of the richest men of the 19th century, Andrew Carnegie, was right. Success in business depends on efficient management. Forex trading is also a business. The strength of a currency is determined also by efficient management. The euro-area used to envy the USA that could afford to redistribute financial resources from strong states to weak ones. Only the pandemic has forced the EU to abandon the principle “at court everyone is for himself.” It has immediately influenced the EUUSD.
In the modern world, a bet on a currency is a bet on the control over the coronavirus. However, Congress failed to agree on the extension of the program of weekly unemployment benefits that officially expired on July 31, leaving more than 25 million people without support. In Europe, however, the rich North provides aid for the poor South. So, the management in the euro-area seems to be more effective. Financial analysts suggest that poor management could kill the US dollar.
In August, the USD index has featured the worst drop over almost two years. The bear speculative
sentiment in the derivatives market is as strong as in April 2018.

Dynamics of US dollar speculative positions

Source: Wall Street Journal.
As I suggested earlier, weak data on European GDPs triggered the EUUSD correction. However, amid the divergence in the epidemiological environment, the euro-area economy is likely to recover sooner than the US growth. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari has even suggested a fresh lockdown for 4 – 6 weeks. Allegedly, the US Congress can afford it.
The euro-area GDP in the April-May period fell by 40.3% on an annual basis, which, compared with the same period of 2019, seems to be a more dramatic drop than the US GDP drop by 32.9%. However, population support programs will continue in 2021; the worst-affected regions, including Italy, performed better than expected. The control over the coronavirus relieves fear, which is a key factor in the economic recovery trend.

Dynamics of European GDPs

Source: Bloomberg
Of course, there are many problems in the euro area. The European economy is much dependent on exports and tourism, which makes foreign demand a very important factor. Under the current conditions, it could slow down the economic recovery. Besides, the number of coronavirus cases has increased amid the end of the lockdown in some parts of the region, including Spain.
The epidemiological situation in the US is difficult, the management is poor. Besides, the US even now, when all the countries try to unite to solve a common problem, continues its attacks on China trying to please the ambitions of the White House. All these factors support the idea of the strong EUUSD uptrend. It makes sense to use the drawdowns to 1.173, 1.168, and 1.162 to enter long-term purchases.
For more information follow the link to the website of the LiteForex
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[Selling] Growth niche targeted profiles

Instagram fast growth per 1000 followers
Starting from $30 ( worldwide ) min order 5k
Method : influencer + celeb giveaways/ incentive
Can do up to 100k without any problems within weeks. 1m followers 3/6 months . .
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Forex Motivation Business Hair Crypto Jewelry Beauty Hypebeast / sneakers Cars Men fashion Pets Music Skincare Hiphop rap music Travel Sculptures Men watches Forex Fitness Arabic Spanish
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Being a Christian on NoFap and learning of the RedPill

Before you click off this post, just hear me out. This is coming from a guy who first discovered redpill in 2016 and didn't even believe it until 2019. That was when I had a couple of experiences and it pointed me right back to the redpill when I didn't think it would be valuable at all.
The Redpill has taught me a lot of things. NoFap has also taught me a lot of things.
Us as Christians already know some of the redpill, because we know that the Bible is true, the Holy Spirit is alive, Jesus is always with us. The Redpill is seeing the truth for what it is. Knowing the gospel is part of this, I believe.
But when it comes to women, 90% of guys will not take the redpill unless they have had an experience. It took me two experiences to wake up out of this bluepill society. And it all happened in 2019, but I'm still currently learning but also seeking God before I go out trying to date again. This is serious and real stuff.
I'm going to begin with the first experience. Prior to this experience I was still struggling with nofap, always binging because I was alone. I became comfortable with the fact that I would be lonely for a while after a breakup in 2017, so I spent 2018 binging like crazy and not caring. Spent the first couple of months of 2019 doing the same. Until I met this girl.
I didn't even have to chase her. She pursued me the whole time, making conversation everytime she saw me, then we ended up having a conversation about God. She could tell that I was a Christian through my energy. Even though I was secretly binging on PMO, I carried myself as a man of God to the best of my ability even though it was hard to stop PMO. She asked what church I went to and I told her, and she wanted to come so she gave me her number. This was last April. We texted for a couple weeks, she would go to my church and I started to begin to realize that she really liked me. She would give me hugs every time she saw me, and then one day a conversation struck about us liking each other.
She really liked me a lot, more than I could really ever know probably. She wrote me deep poems, and stuff like that. She gave me a kiss on the cheek when I saw her at my job one day in the parking lot. That's where we met. My job at the grocery store. Then we had a sexual conversation one day. It happened out of nowhere. Prior, I had told her that I wanted to wait till marriage to have sex, and she respected it. We still had a sexual conversation, and I never would've thought that she had this type of mentality at all. Because of how she carried herself in public and what not. About a month of us talking passed, and we ended up hanging out, playing a little video games, then she brought in the wine later. We didn't drink a whole lot, but it was my first time drinking so I got tipsy quick. The sum it up, we did do it. We didn't do a whole lot, but we did enough. It was sin regardless. We both felt bad, but I think she felt worse. And afterwards I was thinking that since we did it, we might as well just date and be a couple or whatever. She wouldn't let it happen. She felt we both weren't ready.
We hung out about 3 more times, including one time where she took me to the beach and we were out all day and then went back home and did it again. We knew we were wrong for it, and in the end we ended up agreeing to never see each other or talk again. I really didn't want to let go of her but she insisted.
After that chapter was over, I was still bluepill. So I was just wishing for that girlfriend who will love me and be with me. No later than a month passed, and I end up reconnecting with this girl from church who's family came back after about 7 or 8 years or more from going to church. The whole family struggled with believing in God, but the parents finally began to trust and believe God. But she didn't. She told me she did, but in the end I found out that she didn't. Her actions showed that she didn't, but I ignored them.
As ignorant as I was, knowing that we both liked each other and not acknowledging her past, I rushed into a relationship with her. I wanted her for her looks, I didn't care that she dressed provacatively in church or anything. I ignored everything about her baggage, her crazy past and her ex that was in jail. I just wanted a relationship with her and to make it work. That's all I wanted. And I made it known, through trying to impress her. Even though she told me she never been on a date before, but she wasn't a virgin at all. I ignored all these red flags. I would be an almost perfect gentleman to her, buying her flowers and stuff like that. A month in everything was going well until something happened.
She found out her ex was out of jail, but he was killed in a car crash. That's when I found out that he really wasn't her ex. She was really waiting on that moment for him to get out of jail and possibly take her back. But she wouldn't tell me that. Despite all that she told me about him cheating on her. Me being bluepill I ignored the fact that she was using our relationship as a way to try to stop thinking of him, but she was still wanting him. He treated her bad but she still wanted him. He was her imprint and I didn't understand this until it was all too late.
Once she found out about him, everything went 180 degrees. She was depressed over his death, and I didn't know what to do. She wasn't acting the same at all. I tried to be there for her but it didn't really help that much. Then I tried asking her best friend what I should do, and she got mad because I talked to her friend behind her back about the situation. Me being beta, I began to constantly apologize to her, begging for forgiveness. I invested to much of my attention to this short relationship and I didn't want to lose her at the time.
A week passed, and she said she wanted a break. Then she said it was best if we just stopped altogether, and I'm not gonna lie it left me devastated because she sold me a dream, and I believed that we would be long term. She sold me this dream that she would try and get closer to God and I immediately believed it. After all this, she told me that she didn't care about God, and that once she moved out of her parents house she was going to stop going. She always said that I wasn't a reckless enough for her, meaning I wasn't wild and bad like the guys of her past. Because I am a good person, who wouldn't break the rules. I was respectful, and she wasn't into that. It took for all that to happen just for her to admit all of this.
Now imagine if that tragedy didn't happen? It's terrible that it did happen. She told me things about him, like him being a gang leader and killing 3 people and stuff like that, but I can't judge him. We all sin. But if I feel like, as bad and as crazy as it sounds that God got me out of that relationship quick. Because I had no business in it. A week before he even died, I fell into a light sleep and had a vision of me driving downhill, and going into a huge roadblock sign, but before I hit it the dream stopped and I awoke. That very next week all that stuff happens. No coincidence.
I was relieved to know the truth. Because I could've been in that relationship for longer and it would've been bad. I would've stayed unaware and let her do stuff and ignore it.
After the break up I was disappointed, I wasn't deeply sad, I just felt rejected, lied to and robbed. A few weeks later, I decide to get more serious about nofap so I continue back watching nofap videos. This NoFap YouTuber, who is now my Forex mentor began redpill. He had seen the similar things that I saw. Women selling men a dream. Them saying things, and doing the exact opposite. He mentioned a redpill channel, and that's when EVERYTHING started to make sense. Everything.
I learned a whole lot, and everything in those videos explained both of my situations from 2019. As in the first situation, a woman can carry herself as a saint, but behind closed doors I saw a totally different person. And I'm not shaming her, we all know that the devil is working. I actually learned a lot from the first girl. In the end she knew she was wrong, that we were wrong. She actually helped me be more closer to God, more than I wanted to be. Back then I didn't even want to read the Bible or anything everyday like I do now. Both of these experiences lead me to closer to God because I want to know the truth and be who God has called me to be.
In conclusion, it isn't worth it guys. Don't let a woman sell you a dream, and don't ignore the red flags like I did. We have to put more trust in God more than anything.
The devil can tempt anyone, and it can be easy to just give in and sin, just like with PMO. Women are capable of entertaining other guys whether you committed to them or not. Or they committed. And at the end of the day we have no control over that. All we can really do is self improve, draw closer to God and go on about our lives. We can't become too attached to these females. Only stay attached to God, because he'll never turn your back on you.
The effect all of this has had on me eventually led me to read the word of God more, watch more sermons, meditate and pray more and also workout and eat better. And also not believe absolutely everything a person says to you. I hope you've got through this whole thing and this has helped you if you're going through something. Because this can apply to PMO as well. Those women on the screen don't care about you. They only care about your attention, whether it be your money, your click, or your double tap. Before we try to get into a long term relationship we have to seek God first. Because in this world today, a virtuous woman who is actually virtuous is hard to find. But God can lead us to the right path of what we need.
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Är det möjligt att föra in en aktiebot i Avanza?

Jag skulle kanske villa experimentera med bottaAI någon gång i framtiden, så jag undrar om det på något sätt är möjligt att göra det i Avanza och om det är det, hur? Jag har sett att det går på vissa utländska Forex trading tjänster så som t.ex MetaTrader 4, men då gäller det ju såklart Forex trading, inte aktiehandel. Jag vill helst också hålla mig borta ifrån utländska tjänster.
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Naked Forex - YouTube Top 5 richest forex trading Millionaires in South Africa ... Kinderlied Formen  Ich bin ein Kreis, hurra !  TiRiLi ... South African forex traders show off money profit, trading ... FOREX NBA STRATEGY  FOREX TRADING 2020  JEREMY CASH ... MINT und Vorlesen: in Aktion  Formen - YouTube The ONLY Forex Trading Video You Will EVER Need - YouTube For Men: How to Stroke Properly - YouTube

MEN PLUS Herrenmode in XXL bestellst Du bei Happy Size! Perfekt für starke Männer, die wissen, was sie wollen & stylisch sind. Anlageformen - richtig beraten Men Royal; Zur Kategorie Bartpflege . 1. Bart- & Gesichtsreinigung; 2. Bart- & Gesichtspflege; 3. Bartstyling; 4. Zubehör; Zur Kategorie Dein Bartglätter . Zur Kategorie Pflege- & Geschenksets . Zur Kategorie Eau de Toilette . Zur Kategorie Bartstyles . Vollbart; Kinn & Ziegenbart; 3-Tage-Bart; Schnurrbart ; Cookie-Einstellungen . Diese Website benutzt Cookies, die für den technischen ... Forex Factory is where professional traders connect to the forex markets, and to each other. Übersetzungen für 'men' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen, ... Atlas For Men bietet naturverbundenen Männern eine breite Auswahl an Bekleidung, Schuhen und Accessoires an, die günstig und für den Outdoor-Einsatz geeignet sind. At Asia Forex Mentor, we are the leader in forex trading training for a reason. It's because we strive to be your final quest in your forex trading learning journey. Making trading all about probability and winning ratio. We turn the concept of trading with gut feel into a very systematic way to trading. Trading to win. That's why we have produced so many successful forex traders who started ...

[index] [3787] [3047] [10388] [8693] [5173] [22768] [12840] [13247] [26400] [21494]

Naked Forex - YouTube

Please watch: "Top Forex traders in South Africa 2019 Scam Alert" --~-- #forexbrokerkiller #forex #pip Welcome ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ich bin ein Kreis! Hurra! Aber auch ein Dreieck, Quadrat, Rechteck, Raute oder Stern. Denn jede Form ist schön. Ein Formenlied mit einem von uns geschriebenen T... Forex Trade With Us Email: [email protected] P.S MY INSTAGRAM IS GONE NOW SO IF SOMEBODY WRITES YOU ITS NOT ME ALSO IM NOT ON T... Knowing how to stroke is essential to delivering sexual pleasure to your partner. Watch this video to learn 3 basic stroke moves. It's all in the hips!Follow ... The ONLY Forex Trading Video You Will EVER NeedTHIS QUICK TEST WILL HELP YOU BECOME FINANCIALLY FREETake it HERE: https://discover.tiersoffreedom.comTo join my ... In der Videoclipreihe „MINT und Vorlesen: in Aktion“ werden spannende Aktionsideen für verschiedene Altersgruppen zu unterschiedlichen MINT-Themen vorgestell... 💰💰South African forex traders showing off money vs world traders. Forex profit withdrawals. Forex trading strategies is about forex and trading. We share vide...